Sound Design Sample

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Fixed - by Ng Ding Jie

An official selection of

-The 48th Roshd International Film Festival (Iran)

-Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios (Mexico)

-Screened at the18th Bicycle Film Festival (New York)

"A documentary short film about Zul Awab, a man who works in the day but is all about his passion for fixed bicycles at night. His passion for fixed gear cycling eventually led him to organise an event called Holy Crit, an event for everyone young and old. It is a journey about bringing his community together and rediscovering his passion after nearly giving it up during a brush with the law."

Spice of Life - by Adam Khuraishi

"Spice of Life is a Malaysian Short comedy about an overenthusiastic man who sets out to get his wet blanket friend to partake in chili."

Pans Labyrinth - Pale Man Scene

A complete overhaul of ALL sound in the original film. This scene was reworked from the ground up audio wise to re-imagine the tension in the scenario.

"It's 1944 and the Allies have invaded Nazi-held Europe. In Spain, a troop of soldiers are sent to a remote forest to flush out the rebels. They are led by Capitan Vidal, a murdering sadist, and with him are his new wife Carmen and her daughter from a previous marriage, 11-year-old Ofelia. Ofelia witnesses her stepfather's sadistic brutality and is drawn into Pan's Labyrinth, a magical world of mythical beings."

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