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Studio Services

🎤 Podcast (Editing, Cleanup and Mastering) 🎤
| Audio Repair Work | 
📺 Sound Design, Sound for Video / Games / Performances 📺
🎬 Composition for Film 🎬
| Song Mixing, Mastering |
🥁 Drum Triggering, Resampling / DI Reamping 🥁

Podcast Editing / Cleanup / Mastering

Need your podcast edited, got too much breaths, pops and clicks / background noise in your audio? Send your files to us and we will make them release ready for you!


-Desser / Debreath /  Pops and Clicks

-Elimination of Background noise

-Editing of Intro / Outro music and relevant ads

-Mastering and leveling to make sure the Podcast sounds like an Industry standard release

Sound Design / Sound for Videos / Games

Film director / Producer or Game developer looking for sounds / ambience for your project? Look no further, we provide professional grade sound design to make it stand out from the competition!



-Foley Effects

-Sound Effects

-Background Ambience / Atmosphere

-Mastering to Industry standard

Recording Studio
Music Studio

Composition for Film / Game

Need professional grade scores /  soundtracks for your Film or game? Amateur songs not doing it?  Bring it to us! We have an in house music composer / Producer who specializes in producing tracks that nail the feel / atmosphere you are looking for!



Drum Triggering / Resampling / DI Reamping

Have you recorded your single / EP / Album, but not satisfied with how the final tones came out? Send them to us and we can Reamp, Resample or Trigger them to get them to the quality and sound that YOU are looking for!



-Drum Triggering

-Drum Resampling

-Guitar / Bass DI Reamping

Music Recording Studio


Got your Song(s) recorded and ready to make them sound like a professional release? Bring them to us and we will take them make them ready for mastering! (Professional / Radio Release)

We Specialize in: Rock, Pop, Metal, Classical, Indie


Genre Specific  Mixing using :




-Delays / Reverb

and many more!


Got your Song(s) recorded and mixed already? Need that final push to take them to industry level and make them ready for professional and radio release? We are ready to make sure you songs liek optimized for Radio / Online platforms release! 



-Optimization for Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube etc. play

-Corrective Equalization to fix any problems

-Compression to make sure your track hits hard where it needs to hit!

-Album flow editing


Recording Studio

We at Wolv Audio are dedicated to providing top quality audio services to our customers, by providing timely and professional sounding audio solutions. We strive in maintaining good relationships with our clients and always go the extra mile to make sure our clients leave satisfied with their product. We are always up for answering questions!
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